Meet The Author: Reec Swiney

As an author, entertainer and host, Reec, AKA Mr. Who You Wit?  entertains the masses with style and flair. Talented, driven, and passionate about the community, Reec utilizes his syndicated radio platform, as an on-air personality, to engage and enlighten the community & youth with powerful messages and meaningful programs.

In his role as spokesman for Positive American Youth,, Reec hosts countless events that are centered around betterment, health, education & many other uplifting areas.


Reec and Positive American Youth's anti-bullying campaign was the driving force behind the creation of the "Ice The Bully Book Series."

About "Ice Gets Fit."

The author, Reec Swiney, delivers a delightful children’s tale of the perils of new experiences as Ice learns that different is not so bad after all.


This heartwarming book is sure to bring smiles as the young “Ice” navigates a new school and the dreaded gym class which leaves him feeling different and a just a little bashful.

This short story pulls the reader in as Ice's new friends and Coach cheer him on to newfound confidence and a happy ending, "Fit Really is Smart."


Ashliegh Renae, Educator